Baru Services BV

BARU Services b.v. is a family owned third generation company founded in 1937. BARU originally started out as a company in the car tires business but as time passed our work area moved to vulcanizing conveyor belts, vulcanizing equipment and pneumatic fenders. Over the years we have developed into the specialist in rubber technology we are today.

We are certified by SGS for SHE Checklist Contractors (SCC) (=“VGM Checklist Aannemers (VCA)”). Every year our systems are checked by SGS and every 3 years we re-certify.

Our in-house quality control system guarantees the quality for production, testing and manufacturing.

Our warehouse is strategically located between the main ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and covers over 5.000 m2. We have 125 metres of quay and 3.600 m2 outside space. We can be easily reached by road or water. Our lifting equipment consists of a 5 tons outside galley crane and 3 tons, 5 tons and 10 tons warehouse cranes. So we are well equipped to service our customers.

Our building has an interesting industrial history. It used to be a sugar refinery (Cooperation founded in 1913).  During the decades the refinery grew and bits and pieces were added to the original building. The demand for sugar refined from sugar beets unfortunately declined during the 1970’s-1980’s so production at this location eventually stopped in 1987.

Since 1989 the building has been in our possession and a lot had to be done to make it suitable for our purposes. This has been an ongoing project but most of the building has now been converted so we have an unique historic building with all the modern facilities.

Since 1998 we, the third generation, have followed in our grandfather & parents footsteps and continue to adapt, grow and improve BARU Services b.v.

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